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    Rum-soaked folk from the sunny South Coast

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About Us

Who are we?

Yoho! We are the Bonsai Pirates. We are a 5 piece folk-pop-indie-pirate act! Our aim at every show is to get people up, dancing, singing and smiling. We sings songs of love, booze, the sea and tattoos, perfect for any festival or venue! Our line up boasts guitar, bass, drums, male and female vocals and French rap!

How did we begin?

Many tides ago there was a group of notorious pirates who sailed and tormented all 7 seas but as time drew on and the sun rose on their final adventures the crew made for land.

On a small island, somewhere south, the bully crew set about leaving a part of their legacy under the soil on which they stood to be found again, to be relived, and in this they found immortality.

The sands of time past, the world changed and a new group of sailors discovered the island. They and sought shelter their after tropical storm, hoping to find somewhere they could rest, take care of the ship and hunt. Unfortunately the island was barren and desolate except for one tiny tree in the centre of the spit of land. Having never seen flora like this before the pirates hurriedly dug the tree out of the soil hoping it would bare concealed fruit among its roots. They did not find the treasure they sought but one of an altogether different nature, the buried legacy of the pirates past. With the treasure the was a note that read:

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Avaste ye reader of this here note,
Buried beneath this bonsai tree,
Be the strength of our long legacy,
We stowed our story and we stowed our rum,
And so for you a new story’s begun,
Here ye’ll find our songs of old,
And stories desperate to be told,
Go forth and sail, sing songs the finest
Hence forth you are the Bonsai Pirates.

The drink had turned to vinegar with the passing time but the songs remained, and the now known bonsai pirates returned to their ship and made for the horizon. Come see us wherever we make land, live the legacy!

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  • “Bonsai Pirates aren’t just mariners with a fondness for horticulture - They are fun, upbeat and original. Plus, they have their own theme tune what more could you want!!”

    Daniel Roth HOT Radio
  • “Bonsai Pirates had everyone dancing, clapping and singing along - the ultimate pirate party.”

    Purbeck Folk Festival
  • “Beautifully bouncy and perfectly piratey, Bonsai Pirates were a massive hit with the audience. Leaving several infectious sing-a-long lines echoing in their minds. Freshfields had a pirate party and we loved it!”

    Freshfields Festival
  • “Bonsai Pirates are one of the best bands I've had the privilege of seeing. They create a great atmosphere and really get the crowd going. I would recommend them to everyone”

    Black Clam Productions
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